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Warm Lips
Tangerine Tangerine -A vibrant orange red
A bright shade for the most dramatic redheads.
True Red True Red -A vibrant orange red
Added as a base to all lip colors to prevent blueing. Perfect for the Asian client!
Mocha Mocha -A vibrant orange red
For the perfect brown lip so popular with the younger crowd!
Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna -A vibrant orange red
A bricklayer's dream color! Indian Earth on steroids.
Indian Earth Indian Earth -A vibrant orange red
Our best selling lip color! That mauvey brown that everyone is wearing.
Mahogany Mahogany -A vibrant orange red
The darkest, brownest lip color possible. Only if you dare!
Neutral lips
Cork Cork -A neutral orange red
A brownish pink that is soft and natural.
Apricot Apricot -A neutral orange red
The softest shade of natural lips possible in the warm family.
Burgundy Burgundy -A neutral blue red
The color of your lips when you were a baby - perfectly pink!
Mulberry Mulberry -A neutral blue red
Used on a male cleft lip; can softly lighten any lip color.
Cool lips
Strawberry Strawberry -A vibrant blue red
Bubble-gum pink coming atya!
Raspberry Raspberry -A vibrant blue red
Hot pink - think flamingos in your yard!
Ruby Red Ruby Red - A vibrant blue red
A true, clear red that is gorgeous everyday!
Fuschia Fuschia -A vibrant blue red
It's purple - but it's perfect if you have grey hair.
Plum Plum -A vibrant blue red
The perfect shade for everyday wear!


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