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Color Corrections
Color Corrections

When permanent makeup procedures end up with less than desirable colors, it is easy to place an additional color over the top to "correct" the problem. Colors follow a mathematical formula:
Blue + Red + Yellow = Brown
Problem: Blue Eyebrow
Correction: Orange = Brown Brow!
Selection: Amber. This orange color combines the red and yellow needed to repair the blue brow.
Problem: Purple Eyebrow (mauve or eggplant color)
Correction: Yellow = Brown Brow!
Selection: Warmer. This yellow color is strong enough to repair the purple brow.
Problem: Red Eyebrow (pink in color)
Correction: Green = Brown Brow!
Selection: Dark Ash Brown. This green based brow pigment will blend with the red to create a brown brow; you should also add 2 drops of green to a full well of dark ash brown.
Problem: Blue Lips
Correction: Orange. But this creates a fairly dark lip (leaning toward brown) that may be uneven in appearance,
Selection: Strawberry. This light pink color is heavy in titanium dioxide (white) which blocks the blue from showing through the skin.
How to prevent the blue lip from occurring? Prevention: Mix 1/3 true red into the original color, and that will neutralize the extra blue in the lip.