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red brows
Coco Coco
Nicknamed "Cortez Coco." Great for the Hispanic crowd. Rich dark brows.
Fawn Fawn
This is baby-deer brown. AKA "Bambi." A great shade of medium brown for brunettes.
Auburn Auburn
Julianne Moore's perfect shade of brow!
Amber Amber
Add to auburn to make it strawberry blonde.
yelow brows
Dark Ash Brown Dark Ash Brown
Perfection in a bottle. So natural, you can't tell where the hair leaves off and this color begins.
Light Ash Brown Light Ash Brown
For Ingrid from Sweden! Light enough to still show up.
Dark Golden Brown Dark Golden Brown
A rich, warm color for highlighted blondes!
Medium Golden Brown Medium Golden Brown
Lighter than the above color - good for the honey blonde.
Blonde Blonde
Too light to use alone. Mix with the other brow shades to soften and lighten.
grey brows
Taupe Taupe
Grandma's favorite. For women who don't color their hair anymore; this subtle shade of grey is perfect.
light Taupe light Taupe
A lighter version of the above color, almost silver when healed.
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